Scheduled and On-Demand Delivery

BLAZE Delivery supports scheduled on-demand and hybrid delivery models. Delivery logistics and fleet management are effortless with BLAZE software and mobile applications. We can handle the most complicated delivery models and help you expand your delivery territory.

Scheduled Cannabis Delivery

Commonly known as “Pizza-style” delivery, this cannabis delivery model dispatches drivers with orders that have already been placed. The driver picks up the order, delivers it to the customers, and returns to the hub or storefront to pick up the next order for delivery.

Bulk Cannabis Delivery

This type of delivery scales scheduled deliveries to multiple cannabis deliveries during one trip. This will save time for your drivers and allow your business to service more customers for a lower cost.

On-Demand Cannabis Delivery

The ice-cream truck style or on-demand delivery model has become a preferred method of cannabis delivery for large-scale delivery services. Delivery drivers are assigned kits with carefully curated inventory to fulfill orders on the go. Dispatchers subsequently dynamically dispatch orders to drivers already in the field for them to pack and scan with their phones!

Hybrid Cannabis Delivery

The Hybrid Delivery model combines Scheduled and On-Demand delivery methods. This style of delivery uses some drivers for on-demand and some drivers for scheduled delivery. BLAZE provides the tools and workflows to run both simultaneously.