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Dispensary POS Software for Cannabis Retailers

BLAZE Retail streamlines your storefront with an easy-to-use frontend powered by a powerful enterprise-level backend. Our award-winning dispensary point-of-sale system offers a seamless experience for your staff and customers. The BLAZE POS system is compatible with a variety of hardware and provides unmatched versatility to walk the floor, checkout at the counter, or fulfill pickup and delivery orders. The new BLAZE Retail has been reimagined with a more intuitive interface and user experience that does more with fewer clicks.

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Why BLAZE® Retail?

Meet the New BLAZE Retail®

BLAZE Retail has undergone a transformative new upgrade that unlocks increased flexibility for cannabis dispensaries as a hardware-agnostic web-based POS system.

The game-changing update also introduces a newly reimagined User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) designed to increase efficiency and intuitiveness for front-of-house employees.

Built for Speed, Stability, and Flexibility

The new BLAZE Retail® UX and UI offer a streamlined user flow that empowers front-of-house staff to do more with fewer clicks. Intuitive iconography simplifies navigation and reduces the learning curve for new employees so they can start selling faster.
  • Save money by using current hardware – compatible with Windows, Mac OS, or iPads
  • Look up product details faster without starting an order with price checker scanning
  • Start a new cash drawer at any point in a transaction without exiting the order
  • Faster initial login and sync, 20% faster when tested with large operators

Compliance Comes First

Take the risk out of compliance. BLAZE Retail integrates with Metrc and BioTrack traceability systems to automate state reporting and transfer manifests so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Automate state reporting with Metrc or BioTrack Integration
  • Scan customer ID at check-in to verify age.
  • Enforce Purchase limits base on customer type
  • Integrate with Metrc Connect for improved usability

Efficient Inventory Management

Save staff hours of work with efficient inventory workflows that improve accuracy and simplify supply chain management. Take control of inventory, purchasing, and vendor tracking with advanced features such as PO imports, bulk editing, master catalog, and global catalog.

  • Search global catalog by name or brand to create new products
  • Transfer inventory between locations and set pricing per store
  • Receive low stock alerts to reorder new inventory
  • Audit inventory and reconcile discrepancies in batches

Built to Scale

BLAZE Retail is built to support enterprise-level dispensaries and delivery services. Our cannabis POS system is designed to grow with you. Company-level accounts make it easy to manage, operate, and evaluate the performance of each retail location from anywhere.

  • Run different hardware configurations with web-based POS
  • Access company-wide sales, inventory, and staff reporting
  • Audit inventory and make bulk edits to products/categories
  • Improve system security with role-base permissions

Sell Online and In-Store

Meet your customers where they are by selling online and in-store. BLAZE Retail is designed to support omnichannel sales so you’re not limited to foot traffic. Attract new customers with a convenient way to order and pay online for pickup, curbside, or delivery.

  • Empower customers with Scan to Shop in-store using their phone or kiosks
  • Drive organic traffic with a native e-commerce website
  • Offer a unique mobile-first online shopping experience
  • Accept pre-payments online with no third-party apps

Reward Your Customers

Incentivize your customers to keep coming back with our robust promotions engine within BLAZE Retail. Our points-based loyalty program provides advanced customization and retailers can create pre-built discounts and promotions that auto-apply at checkout.

  • Support both concierge-style or counter check-out
  • Recommend products based on customer preferences
  • Apply pre-set discounts for first-time customers
  • Offer cashless payments for faster checkout times

Customer Data at Your Fingertips

Make a strong first impression with customers with a refreshing tech-savvy experience that offers a personalized shopping experience. BLAZE Retail is easy to use from check-in to check-out, providing staff with easily accessible customer data to make informed product recommendations.

  • Quickly view product preferences, average spend, and previous purchases
  • Keep customers updated on their loyalty points and rewards
  • Track daily purchase limits with real-time status bar
  • Access customer and order notes at any point during transaction

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Uncover key business metrics with advanced analytics and easy-to-understand dashboards that can be customized for different job roles. Identify trends, track revenue, improve margins, monitor inventory sell-through rates, evaluate budtender performance and much more.

  • Identify inventory that sells quickly and low performers
  • Analyze inventory turnover ratio to optimize shelf space
  • Generate dynamic dashboards for specific user roles
  • Act on data to improve profit margins and performance

Integrate with Partners

Build a powerful cannabis tech stack utilizing our deep API documentation. We believe in using the right tool for the right job, so we’ve established integrations with the leading cannabis technology providers so you can customize your tech.

  • Utilize bi-directional integrations for advanced functionality
  • Seamlessly integrate with over 50 software partners
  • Quick and easy integration setup and support
  • Take advantage of preferred rates and business services

Haven Dispensaries

Hear why Haven Dispensaries prefers BLAZE for all their Retail Cannabis Software needs over the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. BLAZE Dispensary POS can be utilized for different styles of shopping experiences. Our POS system can be utilized for the traditional counter checkout where sales staff advise customers from behind the register. However, our cannabis POS can also be used for a more personalized concierge shopping experience. This allows sales staff to walk the floor with customers, place their order for them, and direct them to checkout where they can pay and pick-up their order.

Yes. BLAZE Dispensary POS works with both medical and recreational dispensaries, giving you the tools you need to better service your customers and grow your business. Our system will track medical recommendation expiration dates and help you remind customers when it’s time to renew.

Yes. BLAZE Dispensary POS is perfectly suited for multiple cannabis dispensary locations. With an easy to use interface, lightning fast transfers, and an online storefront that can be up and running in minutes, there’s no other cannabis POS on the market that can do what BLAZE’s does.

Yes. BLAZE Dispensary POS integrates seamlessly with Metrc and Biotrack. With our cannabis dispensary POS software, receiving and sending data accurately for your compliance confidence is easier than ever. BLAZE Retail pushes all sales data in real-time, creates transfer templates to send to Metrc and saves you a lot of work while ensuring you stay compliant.

Yes. BLAZE Dispensary POS offers over 100 reports that can be used for all of your cannabis business needs. We never throw out your data, allowing you to draw from past metrics and give you the most accurate view of how your cannabis dispensary is running. Our BLAZE Insights tool now allows you to drill down even deeper into the data so you can make the best decisions for your business.

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