Dispensary eCommerce

BLAZE Retail offers industry-leading e-Commerce solutions through the BLAZE dispensary POS. We encourage retailers to take an omnichannel approach to sales to meet customers where they prefer to shop. Utilizing eCommerce is an essential part of running your business and we make it easy to turn your website into another source of revenue.

Integrated eCommerce

Save time with a state-of-the-art integrated eCommerce experience. Online orders are sent directly to your dispensary POS system with the associated promotions and discounts already applied. Eliminate the chance of human error as orders populate into their designated queue for pick-up, curbside, or delivery.

Real-time Inventory

Managing your online menus is a thing of the past with BLAZE real-time inventory sync. Online menus update as soon as a new order is placed. BLAZE retail reserves the inventory on the spot and removes any out-of-stock products from your menu.

Customized Menus

Customize your eCommerce menus with your branding so online shoppers can enjoy an immersive experience. Highlight your products, your brand, and your merchandise to increase conversions and build recognition.

Online Payments

Offer your customers the ability to pre-pay online before they pick-up or receive their delivery order. By accepting debit payments online, your customers can shop freely resulting in bigger baskets at checkout.