A Guide to Buying Cannabis Seed to Sale Software


The regulated cannabis marketplace is expanding across the nation and around the world. It’s an exciting, life-changing opportunity, but a simple fact is that cultivating legal cannabis requires complying with burdensome regulations. It has to be a daily part of the job. Even small compliance mistakes, if repeated enough, can lead to consequences including regulatory audits, fines, license suspension, or revocation. When it comes to compliance, I’ll get to it tomorrow is not an operational mindset that bodes well for success. It’s not hyperbole to say that choosing powerful, flexible, and easy to use cannabis seed to sale software is one of the most critical decisions a cannabis cultivator will make. 

Most states with legal cannabis sales mandate the use of a highly detailed, cannabis seed to sale tracking system, down the gram. For example, California and many other states selected metrc as its designated track-and-trace platform. To that end, grow owners, managers, and their employees need easy to use, yet comprehensive marijuana software that integrates with metrc, making compliance a routine, everyday task. So, how can you tell the difference between stellar software and mediocre, off the shelf software? What features should it include? How do you know what’s important? This guide will help. 

Seed to Sale Software Features



When researching and choosing marijuana seed to sale software, it’s crucial to keep a few priorities in mind to ensure:

  • Comprehensive inventory controls and tracking across the plants’ lifecycle.
  • Data security.
  • Does the software help identify potential compliance and inventory issues? 
  • Seamless integration with metric and other government-mandated tracking platforms.
  • Automated compliance reports and transfer manifests.
  • Is the app responsible on mobile? 
  • Is the platform scalable to grow with your business? 
  • Does the developer provide truly helpful and dedicated customer assistance? 

We can state an exuberant yes we can to all the bullet points and more. Our job is to simplify a complicated system and create standard operating procedures. We look at it this way ⎼ our customers need to focus on managing and growing their cultivation business, and BLAZE Grow will help them do it. 

Cannabis Software Built from the Ground Up

Our secure, cloud-based BLAZE Grow seed to sale software solution was originally designed by cultivators for cultivators. Simply put, we understand the cannabis marketplace because we’re part of it. We literally got our hands dirty day in and day out, and we have the old, crusty keyboards to prove it. From the very beginning, we knew that practicality is an essential aspect of any software platform. We’re proud of our streamlined, user-friendly approach to tracking seeds, clones, and plants throughout their lifecycle. 


An Operations Mindset


Blaze Seed to Sale Software for grow


We understand that cultivation is a combination of science, talent, and process with a little bit of magic thrown in for good measure. The days (and nights) can be long, so designing software that originates from the grower’s perspective goes a long way for creating the right toolset. Starting from an operations point of view, we optimized BLAZE Grow seed to sale software by focusing on the grower’s requirements. 

Does the Software Simplify and Speed Your Compliance Harvest Process?


Fast and efficient harvest compliance is extremely important for cultivation operations. Growers know that harvests are one of the most labor-intensive activities, especially with mandated compliance reporting. BLAZE Grow integrates with wireless barcode scanners as well as scales. These devices, combined with our new harvest draft feature, allow you to quickly record your harvest weights as you harvest, minimizing data duplicates, wasted time, and reducing the risk of bad data.

Quick Visibility Into Plants and Inventory


No one enjoys searching for data that should be readily available, and our unique solution provides quick access to top-level information. You have the most pertinent information when you need it, where you need it. Of course, you can always drill down into details, and it’s good to know you have the option to do so.

A Single Pane of Glass for Multi-License Locations

When purchasing a home, a window overlooking scenic views can add tremendous value. We feel the same way about cultivation software. BLAZE Grow has built-in features for quickly accessing multiple facility operations data, whether it’s two blocks, two miles, or two states away. Operating multiple grows shouldn’t require separate software accounts for each farm or facility. Let us help you avoid that scenario so you can easily open the window to your worlds. 

Integrated Sales and Detailed Inventory Reporting


Managing state-mandated inventory control and reporting requirements are the core of the legal cannabis industry. Regulators can initiate reporting requests at any time, and your seed to sale software must emphasize reporting integration and sales tracking. What’s growing and who purchased it must accurately reflect reality in real-time. BLAZE Grow keeps everyone on the same page whether they’re in the field, on the floor, or in the office. 

Create Compliant Manifests for Transfer



Regulations for creating compliant Transfer Manifests vary from state to state and we customize Blaze Grow templates for your state’s requirements. Syncing with metric (or other state-mandated platforms), reduces the amount of data entry needed resulting in fewer data entry errors. Whether the plant is moving 50 feet within the facilities or 50 miles to a manufacturing or distribution company, there’s a template for it. Read more, here

Everything in cannabis begins with the plant, and we understand the passion and dedication that cultivators put into their grows. Cultivation techniques differ among master growers and other companies, but they all share a common need for efficient, seamless operations management and inventory control. Many seed to sale software companies exist, and it’s important to choose one that best fits your specific needs. Making the best decision will pay dividends later, and BLAZE Grow should be at the top of your list. 

Visit our Blaze Grow page to learn more, and please contact us to schedule a demo or ask questions. We’re happy to help and we can’t wait to do so!

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