How to Select the Best Cannabis Cultivation Software for Your Grow

Cannabis cultivation software is a vital tool for growers looking to scale. Caring for marijuana plants from seed to sale involves a massive amount of tracking, and doing that on paper opens the door for errors and noncompliance. The right cultivation software can handle the busy work and regulations, giving you more time to do what growers do. 

Consider your onboarding needs

Cultivation Software for Cannabis

Onboarding is more important than you might think. Getting a new cultivation software up and running can be a pain without the right onboarding features. And if the software has a steep learning curve, chances are you’ll feel some resistance from your team. The easier it is for you to get a handle on your new cultivation software, the better your expected outcome is. 

Look for cultivation software onboarding features that guide you through learning how to track from the moment you purchase. Consider your language needs– if you require bilingual customer support, confirm that your company of choice can accommodate. 

Training should be role-based and recorded so that your team can revisit when needed. The process should walk you through adding inventory, setting up your facilities, adjusting user permissions, and plant monitoring.


Switching software down the road is not a beast you should invite on your cultivation journey. Even if you’re starting small, the software you choose should have room to grow and scale with you. Make sure you can add new users and locations down the road if need be. 

API integrations for Cannabis Cultivation Software

Integrations are vital. Look for software that allows API integrations for accounting and financing, compliance, and customer relations management. 


Cultivation software is meant to make your life easier. Make sure the software you choose has an easy reporting, forecasting, and analytics interface. You should be able to gather insights on ingredient reports, product quantities, costs, etc. at a glance. Your software should track every detail of the cultivation and supply chain process, including all historical data for each plant and where that plant is headed. 

Easy tracking by government regulators and cannabis operators 

Seed to Sale Software

Your cultivation software needs to be designed for government regulators too. Regulations require meticulous tracking from seed to sale, and your software must accommodate those needs so that government regulators can also locate information whenever necessary. The software should account for state, federal, and international compliance. 

Batch updates

Beyond tracking and reporting, look for features that make the cultivation process more efficient. Batch updates are a great example of a feature that can take you from spending hours managing plants by hand to updating grow cycle stages and labels in just a few clicks. 

Customer support’s Role in Cannabis Cultivation Software

Customer Support for Cannabis Cultivation

Look for a customer support team that will be there to guide you, even after the onboarding process is complete. You need a team that will answer your questions in a timely manner and offer valuable insights into how you can boost your return on investment.

Finding the right cultivation software is a big decision, but these seven tips will help you make the right one. And adding BLAZE to your list will make the decision that much easier. Schedule a demo today to learn how our cultivation software can transform the way you manage cultivation and sales. 

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