3 Great July 4th Dispensary Deals that Drive Sales

Ask any dispensary about their busiest day in July and many will say July 10th, or 710. While this Q3 sales booster is a commendable cannabis holiday, July 4th is not one to overlook. Independence Day is special to many Americans who celebrate our country’s nationhood. To help Americans make this day even more special, BLAZE helps dispensaries leverage their dispensary POS software, products, and promotions to drive profits.


Knowing the importance of July 4th, who celebrates it and what deals to offer is a great way to improve holiday sales. In this article, you’ll learn how to execute July 4th dispensary deals that not only attract customers for July 4th but encourage them to come back for July 10th.



Run Unique July 4th Dispensary Deals and Promotions


One of the best features BLAZE dispensary POS software offers is the numerous deals you can add to your dispensary. As more Americans are poised to spend more on cannabis than barbecue, July 4th dispensary deals can ensure return business. Last year, sales increased by 87% when dispensaries ran a sale from July 2nd to July 4th. This amounted to $260 million dollars in cannabis sales across the country.


BLAZE Promotions Version 2 is the perfect tool for creating effective sales promotions. BOGO deals can help you clear out any excess inventory before 7/10. First-time customer deals can encourage new members to join your rewards program and incentivize them to come back a second time. And since our cannabis POS system supports bundles, you can combine rewards for the ultimate July 4th celebrations. 


Last July, flower accounted for 45% of sales, while cartridges made up 35%. Concentrates and edibles were 11% and 9% of sales, respectively. Center your July 4th dispensary deals around flower and vapes that are great for daytime use – like sativa strains – as consumers like to be active around this time. 


Those who celebrate The Fourth of July spend an average of $76, whereas cannabis consumers spend $100 at that same time. Since consumers are willing to pay more at a dispensary for this holiday, prioritize promotions that create value for both your dispensary and the customer. These can be bundles or future reward incentives.

The American Flag and a hand holding cannabis

Remember Our Veterans

The July 4th holiday is one Americans love to celebrate with good food, fun, and cannabis. But for some, this can be an extremely stressful time. Veterans who experience PTSD from their time in the military can be triggered by loud fireworks throughout the night. This holiday can also be a time of commemoration for this country and other service members. 


Since many veterans use cannabis to relax and relieve symptoms of anxiety, stress, PTSD, and insomnia, remember to position your promotions wisely and in support of those who served. Offer and promote your veteran’s discounts to encourage them to look for products they may be interested in. BLAZE dispensary POS enables dispensaries to create these discounts for military members, who make up 3% of cannabis consumers. 


Focus your deals on products like CBD, that promote mood stabilization and sleep. Indica strains also help with common symptoms veterans experience. This holiday is a great way to get new veterans in the door with July 4th dispensary deals. By promoting veteran deals and discounts, your dispensary encourages veterans to try products that help them get through the holiday.

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Consider Products for Your Pets on July 4th


As flashy and fun fireworks can be, they’re a nightmare for our furry friends. The noise, lights, and strong smells can cause cats and dogs to feel threatened. Leaving them indoors with background noise can help, but the stress of being left alone can be tough. Luckily, there are popular CBD treats and tinctures that help calm pets down and alleviate stress.


If your dispensary carries CBD products for pets, prioritize promoting them. Use your dispensary POS software to check your inventory and order products if necessary. CBD for pets is a great way to promote calmness and sleep for your pets so you can spend less time worrying and more time celebrating Independence Day.

Help customers get the most out of your dispensary for July 4th with BLAZE dispensary POS software. BLAZE supports seed-to-sale software that empowers your dispensary to create value from cultivation to the final check-out – all on one platform. Book a demo with us today and see how you can increase sales this July 4th.

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