Choosing a Dispensary POS Software in 2021: 5 Costly Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Opening a new dispensary takes much planning, effort, and cost. Licensing fees, capital requirements, and finding a location give enough reason for a double-take. But one area where you cannot afford to undermine is choosing a dispensary POS software. High demand in the industry creates a fast-paced environment where you must hit the ground running. With the right dispensary POS software, however, building a dispensary start-up has never been easier. This article will explore five common mistakes dispensaries make when choosing a cannabis POS system for their dispensary. These include mistakes include: 

  1. Not choosing a dispensary-specific POS system
  2. Difficult Software Integration
  3. Poor Customer Support
  4. Inadequate Inventory Management and Reporting
  5. Indistinctive Medical and Recreational Sales

Tip: This article is over 700 words long. You can skip reading it AND avoid all five mistakes by booking a demo with the most comprehensive seed-to-sale dispensary software in the industry. 

Not Choosing a Dispensary POS Software Will Cost You – Badly.

Blaze POS software on an iPad for Dispensary Deals

The specific needs and hurdles that dispensaries call for a cannabis POS software tailored for the industry. Since cannabis is a particularly new and growing industry, state-sanctioned regulations are put in place to ensure the safe sale of cannabis. A POS software that is not built for a dispensary doesn’t have the bandwidth to enforce compliance and tax reporting. These costly mistakes can lead to the immediate shutdown of your dispensary. 

BLAZE dispensary POS not only meets the needs of your dispensary but our Distribution and Seed-to-Sale software guarantees it’s the only dispensary POS system you’ll ever need. It’s a safe platform that’s easy to use, giving you less worry and more focus. BLAZE is accessible, affordable, and gives new dispensary startups the necessary tools to thrive.

Difficult Dispensary POS Software Integration Gives You Less Ground

blaze metric pad for efficient dispensary

A cannabis POS software that seamlessly integrates with third-party platforms is invaluable. Integrating web hosts, accounting, compliance, tax, human resources, and security software creates an all-in-one hub that is easy to manage. Integration with your state’s compliance software is also integral for data reporting. 

Moreover, a dispensary POS can integrate with partner software, giving your dispensary the power to add marketing, analytics, and delivery services. Internal integration, such as multi-location management, directly improves the customer experience by compiling the most accurate inventory data. 

Choosing a cannabis POS that lacks up-to-date technology puts your dispensary and customers at risk. Fines for inaccurate compliance data, lackluster performance, and lack of market access will all affect your ability to operate successfully. Determine the needs of your market and choose a dispensary POS system that allows you to execute them. 

Poor Customer Support Will Hinder Their Experience

customer service at a dispensary using BLAZE dispensary pos software

The complexities of the cannabis business can sometimes be confusing. An underperforming dispensary POS can frustrate customers and deter repeat business. To avoid this, choose a strong performing dispensary POS that includes customer support, feedback, and rewards. 

BLAZE’s main focus is to enable your dispensary to improve your customer’s buying experience. The BLAZE Help Center is a customer support feature that provides helpful resources for dispensaries, such as software updates, FAQs, and live chat. Not only is customer satisfaction important on the consumer end, but the business end as well. 

Inadequate Inventory Management Can Shut You Down

inventory management page on a dispensary pos software application

Inventory management is one of the best tools for a cannabis POS for two reasons; First, it provides accurate real-time inventory data that helps customers shop online and dispensaries manage their stock. And secondly, inaccurate inventory data is a sure-fire way to attract fines, penalties, and get your license revoked.

Prioritize a dispensary POS with a comprehensive inventory management tool to automate data entry, provide accurate reporting, and encourage excellent customer service. 

Medical and Recreation Sales Data Must be Distinctive

BLAZE POS helping dispensaries avoid mistakes

While some states are currently medical only, more are serving both medical and recreational customers. In states and counties that serve both, there are different laws about how each side must operate. This includes the amount of cannabis you could possess at a time; different price points; the number of plants customers could grow, and differences in taxes. Not to mention you must possess a card to purchase medical cannabis. 

Avoid the risks of closing and paying hefty fines by making sure your cannabis POS system has separate processes for both. Of course, depending on where your dispensary is located, you might have a need for just medical or recreational software. But factors such as laws, competition, and demand can change how your dispensary operates in the future. 

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