7 Great Ways to Attract New Customers to Your Dispensary on 420

April 20th – or 420 – marks the single biggest sales event for both customers and dispensaries across the U.S and Canada. This means this is your time to shine as cannabis customers are looking for the right dispensary to spend their money at. Due to the ongoing pandemic, 420 will look slightly different. But preparing your dispensary for a busy 420 can help drive sales and build new long-term customer relationships.

In this article, we’ll show you 7 great ways you can maximize sales to deliver an awesome 420 experience that will keep customers coming back well before the next one.

1. Start Early

Last year, Americans purchased three times the amount of cannabis on 420, which equaled $90 million. Prepare your dispensary for 420 by getting ahead of the competition. Analyze your numbers from last year. What worked? Where is there room for improvement? What should we do differently this year? Start early by sending out an email or text notifications detailing your plans for 420. Brainstorm an effective marketing campaign that lets customers know they’ll get the best value by visiting your dispensary

2. Offer Unique Dispensary Deals

Offer BOGO deals, bundles, and discounts that customers will remember long after the holiday. This is the perfect time to be generous with your inventory since the goal is to generate repeat traffic. Last year, sales on flower grew 122% on 420, higher than any other product category. So make sure to run deals on bongs, pipes, wraps, filter tips, and paper as well. 

Cannabis cupcakes on 420
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3. Leverage Your Social Media

Use your social media accounts to update customers on 420 deals and promotions throughout the entire month. Post engaging content frequently to help spread awareness about your deals. Create excitement by advertising exclusive promotions that convince your followers your dispensary is the place to be on 4/20. Also, be sure to post your store hours, location, and to answer customer questions leading up to the big sale. 

4. Plan for a Full Staff 

Reduce the stress of a busy 420 holiday by making sure you have adequate staff. Do what you can to decrease customer lines and wait times. Having more staff allows you to spend more time with each customer to know their needs. Encourage your budtenders to memorize promotions and explain them clearly. Coach them on welcoming new customers and first-timers.

5. Diversify Your 420 Deals

Offer deals on other items in your dispensary, such as merchandise, apparel, glass, papers, and more. Sell items that have your brand or logo on them as it can help with brand positioning. The more unique deals your dispensary has to offer, the better the impression you leave on your new customers.

Dispensary fully stocked on 420
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6. Stock Up

Dispensaries across the U.S. and Canada saw sales jump by an average of 112% on 420, as compared to March – before COVID-19. Collaborate with vendors to make sure you are fully stocked and ready to take on the influx of 420 customers. Update your menus so your customers know what you’re offering before and during the holiday. Keep an eye on your inventory throughout the week as items can sell quicker than expected. Be ready to make changes to any promotions to accommodate what you have. 

7. Incentivize Customers to Return

Headset found that sales drop about 25% the weekend following 420. Use the 420 momentum by offering an incentive for new customers to return. Encourage them to bring back their receipts for a percentage off of their next purchase; Run deals and promotions through the end of the week; Use coupons and punch cards that create urgency for their next visit. This is the perfect opportunity to generate repeat business, so take advantage of 420 to build long-lasting relationships with your customers.

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