BLAZE ECOM Feature Spotlight: New E-Commerce Checkout

E-commerce Checkout

Ever since the pandemic, cannabis retailers have seen a significant spike in online sales. However, keeping online shoppers consistently returning to your website requires a unique and convenient e-commerce checkout experience. Recently, technology has made it possible to offer a familiar checkout experience for cannabis consumers without making them jump through hoops to place an online order. In this blog post, we will be discussing the newly improved checkout experience offered by BLAZE ECOM™ for cannabis dispensaries.

New Look and Better Experience

Perusing dispensary menus, learning about products, and adding items to your cart is always the most enjoyable part of shopping online. E-commerce checkout is where things can get off track and lead to a negative customer experience if technical issues occur. With most cannabis e-commerce platforms, consumers are redirected to third-party apps, routed to another website, or receive a text message to pay for their online order. While this may eventually result in a paid order, it adds friction to the checkout experience, and therefore, negatively affects the conversion rate.

BLAZE ECOM™ has always offered a native e-commerce checkout experience that eliminates any redirects to purchasing cannabis online. However, the most recent update offers a familiar 2-step checkout process that resembles that of any standard e-commerce platform. The new intuitive and clutter-free checkout design helps reduce cart abandonment and boosts conversion rates. Additionally, the layout of form fields, such as delivery information, is logical and follows commonly accepted e-commerce practices.

The goal is to make it as easy as possible for returning customers to checkout without inputting already acquired information. After the initial signup process, loyal shoppers don’t need to provide their contact information since their account has already been created. They’re also able to view all available payment types before placing an order. Once the payment method is selected, placing an order is only a click away.

Rewards, Promo Codes, and Tipping

BLAZE ECOM™ offers an online checkout process that is straightforward and streamlined, allowing customers to complete their purchases quickly and efficiently. Customers are able to apply reward points and promo codes to their cart before checkout and immediately receive visual confirmation that the discount is applied and can see the adjusted subtotal.

This is one of the major benefits of having your e-commerce menu deeply integrated with your dispensary POS system. BLAZE ECOM™ validates the customer’s shopping cart twice; the first is real-time validation as customers add items to their cart and the second is during checkout. This ensures that inventory is available and the order total and line item breakdown is accurate.

In addition, BLAZE ECOM™ offers optional tipping for pre-paid orders for dispensary staff who fulfill the order. This is a new feature that is integrated with the dispensary point-of-sale system and adds the tip at checkout which is reflected in the final total processed in the POS. These features eliminate double entry and are a big time-saver for busy dispensary staff.

Frictionless Online Payments

Providing frictionless online payment is an important part of creating an efficient e-commerce checkout process for online shoppers. Reducing the amount of information required at checkout speeds up transaction times and adds an additional layer of convenience for customers.

The BLAZE ECOM™ online checkout has always provided tokenization for ACH payments meaning customers only need to connect their bank account the very first time. Every subsequent order will have the customer’s connected bank account by default as a payment option. Customers can be confident that their payment details are secure since the information is populated via a token. 

This makes it extremely easy for customers to move through the checkout process without repeatedly inputting payment details. This results in an increase in the adoption rate over time and cannabis retailers rarely see any order cancellations. Not to mention pre-paid online orders have a 25% higher average order value.


The BLAZE ECOM™ newly revamped online checkout is a convenient and secure way for customers to purchase cannabis products from dispensaries. With its streamlined checkout process, variety of payment options, tokenization, and order types, it offers a hassle-free shopping experience for customers. Dispensaries that encourage their customers to order online not only see an increase in average order value but also a boost in customer retention. Learn how you can improve your digital storefront with BLAZE ECOM™ by scheduling a demo with one of our e-commerce experts.

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