Why a Dispensary POS is the Heart of Cannabis Retailers

Point of Sales (POS) software is vital for all businesses in any industry. First, they make receiving payments between the dispensary and the customer possible through dispensary POS software. Secondly, you can compile important sales and compliance data. Lastly, you can manage inventory and make real-time updates to your menu.

For the cannabis industry, unique challenges call for a dispensary POS built specifically by those who know cannabis. This is because of strict business regulations and dire compliance practices. Above all, a dispensary POS equipped for the industry’s unique challenges is key to running a smooth storefront.

To break it down a bit further, a healthy dispensary POS is like a human heart. It can pump business throughout your dispensary from seed to sale with the right tools, enable efficient budtenders, and encourage return business via promotions. To further illustrate the importance of a dispensary POS, let’s take a look at how BLAZE is the heart of a cannabis retailer below.

blaze cannabis pos systems logo depicted as a human heart

The Heart: Features and Benefits of a Healthy Dispensary POS

The heart is pumping blood throughout the entire body to deliver oxygen to each extremity. Similarly, BLAZE Dispensary POS is ready to fully supports easy API integration to keep our partnership software breathing and full of life.

What sets BLAZE apart in a market rife with dispensary POS software is the unique features that are easy to use and increase dispensary efficiency. BLAZE Dispensary POS is designed for budtenders, delivery drivers, and front desk personnel. That’s why it’s so easy to learn and use cross-functionally by all employees. Our app makes customer interactions easy and allows them to check in and make purchases ahead of time. The iOS and Android Driver app let retailers scan and track products from a phone. This makes our interface accessible from anywhere. It’s no wonder why more cannabis retailers are turning to BLAZE for a smoother running dispensary.

Seed to Sale Software

As the body grows, the heart grows with it. BLAZE’S seed-to-sale software was designed by cannabis cultivators for cultivators. It enables retailers to track each plant individually across its entire growth cycle. Additionally, you can generate compliant shipping manifests for transfer with the simple click of a button.

Distribution Software

BLAZE Distro makes it easy to manage invoices, purchase orders, and expenses on an interface designed by distributors. Use the mobile phone app to collect digital agreements, eliminating the need for paper. Plus, cannabis excise and cultivation tax are built into the system, ensuring you collect and track all limbs of the distribution process. It’s the simplest way to manage inventory across the industry and a true testament to how BLAZE pumps business to all parts of the body.

Analytics, Data, and Insights: The Brain of a Dispensary POS

As depicted above, the head represents analytics, data, and insights. When the heart pumps oxygen-rich blood to the brain, the brain is then able to process knowledge. Similarly, these key metrics from around the industry help dispensaries using BLAZE convert this data into sales. By fully integrating with software solutions systems, BLAZE Dispensary POS uses this data as brainpower to stimulate marketing, sales, and distribution initiatives. Here are a few of our featured partners for reference.



Headset provides cannabis industry intelligence and data, made accessible from the phone to the computer. With Headset intelligence, BLAZE enables your dispensary to identify new areas of opportunity, monitor your competitors, and tailor your product development.

Headset Dashboards provide weekly, monthly, and yearly sales data that provides key insights for your cannabis POS software system. Lastly, integrating BLAZE and Headset lets you forecast sales, manage your inventory, and even personalize each customer experience.

Happy Cabbage

Happy Cabbage Analytics empowers retailers to increase revenue using actionable insights and data. Sleek design and digestible data visualization make Happy Cabbage easy to use and understand. The key feature is pulling data from your own dispensary POS software system for more engaging localized marketing. They were even named one of the top six tools for local dispensary marketing!

BDS Analytics

If you’re familiar with BDS Analytics, then you should know why BLAZE is the perfect dispensary POS partner. Live data is sent in real-time via the BLAZE API to BDS. This means you’ll always have the most accurate and actionable sales tracking available. Use BDS + BLAZE to help clients navigate accurate forecasts and detailed financial models. Most importantly, integration is easy and fast. You’re one click away from optimizing your dispensary.

Marketing Arms – Tailor Your Reach

Looking above, you’ll see the arms of our cannabis retailer person represents marketing. Just like the heart’s superior vena cava pumps blood to the brain and then the rest of the upper half of the body, BLAZE uses integration with our analytics partners to power effective marketing campaigns. By using a dispensary POS that targets customers based on real-time data, marketing has never been simpler. That’s why BLAZE also partners with industry-leading partners with a heavy focus on sales and marketing.


Aptly named, WARPSPD’s consumer engagement solutions can connect with BLAZE in less than 2 minutes. It’s why they believe that Speed is Life. The benefits, however, greatly overpowers its speed. 

Warpspd creates loyal customers with actionable A.I. insights at any point during their customer life cycle. This gives your dispensary the ability to create highly personalized campaigns using customer interaction data, gamification, and contest. Combine that with a tailored loyalty program and you have one of the most engaging tools your dispensary will ever need. 


ENLIGHTEN Smarthub is a centralized management platform made for digital displays, menus, and ad campaigns. Integrating ENLIGHTEN with BLAZE heightens your consumer experience immediately. It also has an interactive social wall that allows customers to share their experiences with others.

ENLIGHTEN provides awe-inspiring menus that are customized to drive in-store interaction. Creating an interactive environment with BLAZE and ENLIGHTEN drives revenue at your dispensary by encouraging customers to return!


Springbig works smarter, not harder. Their cannabis software helps your dispensary POS increase your store’s retention, revenue, and customer loyalty. By creating smarter SMS marketing campaigns using insightful customer data, Springbig can double your customers with half of the work.

Delivery: A Leg Up on Your Competition

Lastly, BLAZE uses the inferior vena cava, just like your heart, to promote healthy blood flow to one of the most vital parts of our business: cannabis delivery. BLAZE partners with delivery services to give your dispensary the best chance at reaching all your customers. While most dispensaries around the country are still developing, BLAZE Dispensary POS gives you a leg up on the competition.


BLAZE and Onfleet give dispensary drivers the power to add the delivery, create tasks, and add routes with ease. Onfleet uses data-driven decisions to empower dispensaries with rich data. This data also allows dispensaries to keep customers informed via SMS at every step.

This two-way integration allows for real-time information synching. This means what your input on BLAZE will show up on Onfleet. It’s like two legs working together.


Integrating our dispensary POS with Tookan allows you to optimize routes and automate deliveries. This valuable delivery software auto assigns pickups and deliveries to the nearest and free delivery agents. This key feature is extremely useful for shaving minutes off of orders.

Geo-analytics and real-time route updates make for an attractive delivery software that works hand-in-hand (or foot-by-foot) with BLAZE.


Driven is determined to take the hassle out of cannabis delivery. With turnkey solutions for every problem, dispensaries with BLAZE now have access to one of the most usable delivery services in the industry. The easier the delivery, the more products reach the customer.

This compliance-focused service lets you rest your weary legs by taking much strain out of the most confusing parts of cannabis delivery. By supplying cars, hiring drivers, and providing training and certifications, BLAZE and Driven give you the tools you need to put your best foot forward.

To find out why so many partners around the industry love us, click here to book a demo.

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