BLAZE® Delivery

The #1 Delivery POS for Cannabis

At our core, we are a company that aims to make tech easy and simplify your operations. BLAZE® is the leading POS software for California Retail and Delivery.

Built from the ground up by tech people who have operated large scale deliveries, BLAZE® Cannabis Delivery software will take your business to the next level with tools and essential features not found anywhere else:

1. Support both scheduled deliveries and on-demand deliveries

With BLAZE® Retail, dispatch, inventory, and logistics functionality are built directly into the POS allowing for one solution to handle the most complicated delivery methods. Doing the ice-cream truck/on-demand delivery model? Set up driver kits with their inventory on the go and dynamically dispatch orders to drivers already in the field for them to pack and scan with their phone!

2. Quickly transfer to vehicles and control your inventory

Accurately transfer products quickly in and out of vehicles with tools like our transfer templates giving you full control. Cannabis delivery dispatchers can find the best driver based on their active inventory and location to the customer. This information helps dispatchers keep the orders organized and in flux, ensuring delivery effectiveness. As a result, this will increase your dispatcher’s productivity, save money on gas for your drivers, and increase on-time deliveries.

3. Dedicated BLAZE® Delivery app for iOS and Android

With the BLAZE® Delivery app, your drivers can scan products with the phone, get directions, communicate securely with Dispatch, call the customer upon arrival and tender the order (take a signature and cash out the order).

4. Dynamic Delivery: Customers can browse nearby inventory from our menu

BLAZE® is the only cannabis delivery software that lets your customers search your menu based on their delivery zip code to view products that are in stock with drivers close by.

5. Master compliance with our signature capture and ID verification flow

Proper documentation and staying compliant are a must for any cannabis delivery service. With the BLAZE® Delivery app, drivers can capture ID verification images and signatures digitally on their mobile devices. This is saved with all sales transactions and easily accessible in BLAZE® .

6. Provide full driver manifest and inventory ledgers in real-time

At a click of a button, The BLAZE® Retail Delivery app pulls up the manifests and inventory for drivers. These inventory logs and accurate manifests are extremely critical to maintaining compliance, being successful, and keeping your drivers safe.

7. Dedicated Dispatch panel provides a central place for all delivery operations

Our Dispatch feature is designed to speed up operations for dispatchers and drivers. It allows dispatchers to create delivery orders over the phone, receive, and assign online orders to drivers. Cannabis delivery dispatchers can re-assign orders, change scheduled times, and easily view drivers’ inventory through BLAZE® .

8. Onfleet and Tookan Integrated for high volume route optimization

BLAZE® Delivery app was designed to integrate with OnFleet or Tookan to improve your delivery service with optimized routes & real-time tracking. Take your delivery operations to the next level with the ability to easily route, dispatch, and analyze all cannabis deliveries.

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