Cannabis Dispensary POS

An Intuitive Point of Sale System for Marijuana Dispensaries in Colorado

One of the most important parts of establishing your cannabis dispensary is selecting the right software to manage your sales. Opening and running a dispensary can be difficult work. That’s why you need to have all of the right tools and support behind you. BLAZE Retail POS is perfectly suited for new and existing cannabis dispensaries to improve day-to-day operations, increase profits, and scale their businesses. Our team is experienced in helping dispensaries succeed and are ready to take your Colorado dispensary to the next level.

Having a cannabis-specific POS (point of sale) is crucial for your dispensary. Blaze Point of Sales (POS) software is vital for all businesses in any industry. First, they make receiving payments between the dispensary and the customer possible through dispensary POS software. Secondly, you can compile important sales and compliance data. Lastly, you can manage inventory and make real-time updates to your menu.
For the cannabis industry, unique challenges call for a dispensary POS built specifically by those who know cannabis. This is because of strict business regulations and dire compliance practices. Any mistakes your team makes can slow down operations, result in fines, and even cause legal trouble. Above all, a dispensary POS equipped for the industry’s unique challenges is key to running a smooth storefront.

What sets BLAZE apart in a market rife with dispensary POS software is the unique features that are easy to use and increase dispensary efficiency. BLAZE Dispensary POS is designed for budtenders, delivery drivers, and front desk personnel. That’s why it’s so easy to learn and use cross-functionally by all employees. Our app makes customer interactions easy and allows them to check in and make purchases ahead of time. The iOS and Android Driver app let retailers scan and track products from a phone. This makes our interface accessible from anywhere. It’s no wonder why more cannabis retailers are turning to BLAZE for a smoother-running dispensary.

Dispensary software should make everyone’s lives easier, from the receptionist to the purchasing manager, to delivery drivers out in the world. It’s a lofty, yet attainable goal if the platform includes:

  • An easy-to-use experience.
  • Effortless customer check-in, including self-check-in, even from the dispensary floor.
  • Mobile app access (via iOS and Android devices) to HIPAA-compliant customer records for budtenders on the floor.
  • Delivery service integration.
  • Accurate, real-time inventory data with First In/First Out (FIFO) capabilities.
  • Seamless Metrc integration or with other state-mandated compliance platforms.
  • Mobile sales processing for budtenders on the floor.
  • Secure, encrypted data.
  • Data reporting features that do not require a software engineer to utilize.
  • For vertical businesses, integration with an entire suite of supply chain tracking software.
  • One platform for multiple dispensary locations.
  • Customizable features and stellar customer support by actual humans.

We are proud to say that cannabis trailblazers built the BLAZE Retail POS software. We asked ourselves what we wanted to see in retail software, identified real-world needs, and then made it happen.

Our team is made up of professionals, dispensary owners, and cannabis industry insiders who are passionate about making better cannabis software. The BLAZE POS is continually adapting and improving by adding new integrations and technology to provide a better experience and service.

BLAZE has integrations with many of the cannabis industry’s leading software. Our platform uses the best tech from the market and brings it all under one stellar POS to bring you the ultimate tech stack. With BLAZE, your dispensary can seamlessly interact between software and platforms to maximize your efficiency and deliver results. We are continuously adding new integrations and listening to what our customers and the market are looking for. We take this same approach to developing new additions to our own point of sale system.

BLAZEPAY’s fully integrated payment platform increases average cart sizes, eliminates manual entry errors, and allows for budtender tipping all while ensuring the merchant gets paid on time, all the time. BLAZEPAY is available for all merchants that have access to a bank account. Better yet, it works for Retail Storefronts as well as Retail Delivery. BLAZEPAY is Point of Banking debit processing that is fully integrated with BLAZE® Retail Point of Sale (POS). Both Point of Banking (cashless ATM) and PIN Debit systems support authorized PIN-based card transactions. This allows your customers to pay with their ATM/debit cards and credit cards (with a PIN). Automatic nightly batching sent directly to the merchant’s bank of account.

BLAZE Insights is our business intelligence tool for cannabis operators. BLAZE Insights Standard puts powerful reporting and analytics in one easy-to-use dashboard available to all BLAZE users. BLAZE-powered cannabis retailers can weaponize their data to give them a competitive edge with the ability to drill down into reports and make data-driven decisions. This platform rounds out of BLAZE Retail POS and gives you and your business more power and efficiency.

BLAZE is the complete package for your Colorado cannabis dispensary and operations. We have the software, integrations, and team to meet and support your business needs. When you’re ready to take things to the next level, please reach out to our team. We’ll be happy to show you our products in action and get started making the difference your business needs.

A Feature Rich, Easy to Use Dispensary POS That Is Fully Compliant

BLAZE POS is practically designed to meet your company needs. It is fully integrated with dozens of leading software to give you a powerful tech stack full of the features you want. We worked hard to make sure that you don’t have to. Our POS is designed for ease of use and fast learning. With BLAZE POS you’ll be able to increase cart sizes, handle more customers, speed up interactions, and prevent mistakes. BLAZE was built by cannabis insiders for cannabis professionals. Each software has been designed by operators in that specific field.

We’re dedicated to filling the gaps that other software leave and providing all-around more effective, efficient, and easy-to-use products. We also provide a host of other software to benefit your business like our data analytics software BLAZE Insights and our payment system, BLAZE Payments. Our platform also integrates with other leading software to provide you access to the best systems and applications the market has to offer.

Compliance has never been easier. We built our tech for ease of use, allowing staff to be onboarded quickly and to handle daily compliance tasks efficiently and safely. As a Metrc state,

BLAZE is ideally suited for Alaskan cannabis shops. Our software is fully integrated with Metrc and ready to simplify your compliance tasks. Through our integration, you’ll be able to manage your compliance needs, quickly, securely, and easily. With BLAZE software, onboarding new staff to manage compliance and streamline efficiency is a breeze. Our software is designed for ease of use and speed. Quick to understand user faces allow your team to make compliance second nature and to catch mistakes before they become larger issues.

We work in multiple Metrc and Biotrack operated states and have experience meeting the compliance needs of our customers. BLAZE is ready to service your cannabis operations as well.

Colorado Compliance and Blaze POS for retailers

Our POS is designed to meet the business and compliance needs of Colorado cannabis dispensaries. Our software is fully Metrc compliant and ready to handle all of the compliance requirements of Colorado cannabis businesses.

We have years of experience meeting the compliance needs of our customers. Our software is always adapting and updating to stay on top of compliance updates and provide the service that our clients need.

Colorado Weed Delivery

After a long wait, cannabis delivery is finally available in Colorado. As the state allows for the delivery range to widen and include more of the state, your cannabis operations need to be ready. BLAZE delivery software was built by cannabis delivery operators for delivery operators. Few other software on the market brings the experience or the know-how that we do when it comes to cannabis delivery.

We bring a host of competitive advantages to our software. From supporting both scheduled and on-demand delivery drivers to managing inventory and compliance. The easy to use BLAZE interface allows for you and your team to get access to the data you need efficiently and easily. All of our systems work with Android and iOS to allow you to manage your routes and drivers from anywhere. Our system is completely ready to simplify your delivery and increase your profits.

Additional Benefits for Colorado License Holders

Our team is well-versed on the needs of Colorado license holders and state regulations. We also bring years of experience handling the needs of Colorado businesses and operators. We’re here to help when your business is ready. From detailing how to open your dispensary with helpful articles and important information, to setting up your business with the ultimate tech stack, BLAZE is here from inception to execution.

“Built from the ground up by people in the cannabis industry, the BLAZE® Dispensary POS System will take your Colorado dispensary to the next level. Our software is designed for budtenders, delivery drivers and front desk personnel, the iPad & iPhone Dispensary POS app makes customer interactions easy. We have the features that matter for your dispensary needs.”

BLAZE® Software Products

for the Cannabis Industry

The BLAZE software suite provides powerful tools for every aspect of cannabis retail operations. Learn more about our services that operators can use for everything from point-of-sale to delivery to e-commerce and more!

New Release

BLAZE® Insights

Order Fulfillment Software for Cannabis Retailers

BLAZE Fulfill is a web application built to streamline order fulfillment for in-store pickup, curbside pickup, and delivery. Detailed order labels bring a new level of organization and visibility to ensure order accuracy. Cannabis retailers can scale their fulfillment operations with less dedicated staff while creating customer affinity.

BLAZE® Insights

Native Mobile Applications for Cannabis Dispensaries

BLAZE APPS offers fully integrated white-labeled native mobile apps for both App (iOS) and Play (Android) stores. Convert, engage, and reward customers with a convenient mobile application where they can browse your menu, build a cart, and order cannabis online.

BLAZE® Insights

Dispensary POS Software for Cannabis Retailers

BLAZE Retail streamlines your storefront with an easy-to-use frontend powered by an enterprise backend. Designed for budtenders, managers, and front desk personnel, the Dispensary POS application provides a seamless experience for your customers. The BLAZE point-of-sale application gives you the flexibility to walk the floor or checkout at the counter. BLAZE Retail was built for operators by operators.

BLAZE® Insights

Integrated Cannabis Payments for Dispensaries

BLAZEPAY is the leading integrated payment platform for cannabis transactions that increases average order values and eliminates manual entry errors, all while ensuring the retailer gets paid on time, all the time.

BLAZE® Insights

SEO-friendly E-Commerce for Cannabis Retailers

BLAZE ECOM offers dispensaries an opportunity to build a recognizable cannabis brand with an integrated e-commerce platform that can scale with your business.

BLAZE® Insights

Business Intelligence Tools for Cannabis Operators

BLAZE Insights Standard puts powerful reporting and analytics in one easy-to-use dashboard available to all BLAZE users. BLAZE-powered cannabis retailers can weaponize their data to give them a competitive edge with the ability to drill down into reports and make data-driven decisions.

BLAZE® Insights

Award Winning Cannabis Delivery Software

BLAZE Delivery was purpose-built from the ground up by tech people who have operated large-scale delivery operations. The BLAZE cannabis delivery software works for scheduled and on-demand delivery. We’ll help you manage your fleet efficiently, centralize dispatching, and expand your territory.

BLAZE® Insights

Centralized Dispatching for Enterprise Cannabis Delivery

BLAZE Dispatch provides a streamlined solution for enterprise level delivery services. Centralize your dispatching operation to manage orders across multiple retailers or delivery hubs. Confidently expand your service area, reduce expenses, and running a scheduled or on-demand delivery service or both.