Why You Should Avoid Cheap Cannabis POS Software

Avoid Cheap Cannabis POS

Without a doubt, if you’re in the cannabis industry, then you’ve seen ads for cheap cannabis POS (point of sale) systems. You might have even decided to go with these systems. These systems sound too good to be true. That’s because they are. Let’s dive into why they don’t deliver on what they promise and how it’s important you avoid them.

Free Cannabis POS Isn’t Really Cheap

The idea of cheap cannabis POS software that will meet all of your needs and empower your business sounds great. However, when you really look into it, you’ll start to see how these systems aren’t as cheap as they made it sound. It’s likely that to access these free POS software, you’ll have to lock into extended contracts. Once you’re in, you’ll notice that many of the features you thought you’d have access to are instead locked behind a significant paywall. Even worse, many of the aspects of the software won’t be fully fleshed out and working properly. Some of the promised integrations may require additional payments or commitments to access as well. 

No Growth With Cheap Cannabis POS

While a cheap cannabis POS might get your business off the ground faster, it will create countless problems later on. These cheap cannabis POS systems will lock you into contracts, raise their prices, and then sit on their technology. Many cheap POS systems are slow to innovate their technology or update it at all. Many of your competitors might have access to new tech that streamlines their operations, saves them money, or makes compliance easier, while you’re stuck with whatever version of the software that the cheap POS you chose is still on. 

Can Your Dispensary POS Really Do It All

At such a low cost, it’s unlikely that a cheap cannabis POS will be able to host many different partners and integrations on their platform. Instead, these systems try to do it all. They throw their hat into the ring for every type of technology needed to make their platform run. That means the tech is usually subpar as they’re trying to split tier attention across multiple areas instead of just making a great POS system. Without quality integrations, your cannabis dispensary will lose access to valuable features it needs.

Why Choose BLAZE

BLAZE Dispensary POS

BLAZE offers industry-leading cannabis POS at fair prices. We work with dispensaries all across the U.S and Canada and are constantly working with them to provide excellent service and tech. Our platform is always being updated, tweaked, and improved, to provide you flawless, up-to-date cannabis tech. We’re also partnered with other leading companies to provide you the integrations you need for your business.


Cheap cannabis POS systems can seem like a fast solution to get your dispensary up and running, however, they create significant problems for your business along the way. Take some time to research quality POS systems and find one that fits your needs and your price point. Opening a dispensary is hard and you need a POS that makes your job easier. Make sure to check out our articles on how to open a dispensary and what to look for when choosing your dispensary software

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