Our entire suite of dispensary software tools enables your dispensary employees to increase sales, manage inventory, run promotions, and ensure your business is working at maximum efficiency while optimizing the customer experience.


BLAZE® is an award-winning cannabis software suite for dispensaries and delivery services.

Founded in 2017 by tech entrepreneurs and cannabis operators, BLAZE has built a reputation as an industry leader by meeting the needs of our 1400+ customers across the U.S. and Canada.

Take Control of Your Cannabis Business Today

To grow your business, you need to know your business. BLAZE® provides the data, insights, and tools you need to scale your cannabis operation while staying profitable. 

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BLAZE® Insights

Dispensary POS Software for Cannabis Retailers

BLAZE Retail streamlines your storefront with an easy-to-use frontend powered by an enterprise backend. Designed for budtenders, managers, and front desk personnel, the Dispensary POS application provides a seamless experience for your customers. The BLAZE point-of-sale application gives you the flexibility to walk the floor or checkout at the counter. BLAZE Retail was built for operators by operators.

BLAZE® Insights

Integrated Cannabis Payments for Dispensaries

BLAZEPAY is the leading integrated payment platform for cannabis transactions that increases average order values, eliminates manual entry errors, and supports budtender tipping, all while ensuring the retailer gets paid on time, all the time.

BLAZE® Insights

SEO-friendly E-Commerce for Cannabis Retailers

BLAZE ECOM offers dispensaries an opportunity to build a recognizable cannabis brand with an integrated e-commerce platform that can scale with your business.

BLAZE® Insights

Business Intelligence Tools for Cannabis Operators

BLAZE Insights Standard puts powerful reporting and analytics in one easy-to-use dashboard available to all BLAZE users. BLAZE-powered cannabis retailers can weaponize their data to give them a competitive edge with the ability to drill down into reports and make data-driven decisions.

BLAZE® Insights

Award Winning Cannabis Delivery Software

BLAZE Delivery was purpose-built from the ground up by tech people who have operated large-scale delivery operations. The BLAZE cannabis delivery software works for scheduled and on-demand delivery. We’ll help you manage your fleet efficiently, centralize dispatching, and expand your territory.

BLAZE® Insights

Centralized Dispatching for Enterprise Cannabis Delivery

BLAZE Dispatch provides a streamlined solution for enterprise level delivery services. Centralize your dispatching operation to manage orders across multiple retailers or delivery hubs. Confidently expand your service area, reduce expenses, and running a scheduled or on-demand delivery service or both.

Markets Served

The BLAZE Software Suite is designed to provide a one-stop solution for cannabis retailers across the United States. Our cannabis point-of-sale system simplifies compliance and provides flexible workflows tailored to every market we serve. We understand the nuances and regulatory requirements for each market and ensure our software meets the highest standards so you can focus on growing your business.

Hardware Integration That Makes All The Difference.

Zebra ZD410

A ribbon-free direct thermal printer for smaller scale print tasks.

Star mC3 Print

Sleek and modern receipt printer with multiple connectivity options.


Durable high tech barcode scanner with a sleek design.

Partner software that works seamlessly with BLAZE®

We are partnering up with some of the best software vendors in the cannabis industry to bring you all the features you need and want. We believe the more options, the better. View all of our partnerships below.

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“BLAZE® allowed us to improve the customer experience and utilize the data through the point of sale to make smarter business decisions.”
Mark Simonian
COO of Haven Dispensaries
“And as we hoped, we are checking out Customers much quicker and the lines are shorter.”
Chuck Wesley
CFO of CoCo Farms
“BLAZE® integration is like night and day for our operations. Prior to BLAZE®, we couldn’t accurately rely on our digital product inventory."
Robert Spearin
CEO of Mountain Remedy